Month: September 2020

OpenSource is up to volume 13 of their ongoing series about creating video games in Python 3 using the Pygame module

Programming keyboard coding OpenSource is up to volume 13 of their ongoing series about creating video games in Python 3 using the Pygame module. Python is an all-purpose programming language that can be used to create desktop applications, 3D graphics, video games, and even websites. It’s a great first programming language because it can be easy to learn and it’s simpler than complex languages like C, C++, or Java. Even so, Python is powerful and robust enough to create advanced applications, and it’s used in just about every industry that uses computers. This makes Python a good language for young and old, with or without any programming experience. Check out their entire series of Python & Pygame tutorials here.

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Shortening a URL with with TextExpander and YOURLS

If you would like to shorten a URL by having TextExpander on macOS grab the URL from your clipboard and replace it with your personal YOURLS shortener using a TE snippet, here you go:

Copy your signature token from the Admin Tools page in your install of YOURLS.

In TextExpander create a shell script snippet by clicking on the Content drop down menu at the top where it says Plain Text, and choose Shell Script.

Add the following script for the body of the snippet, replacing the necessary parts with your own information of course.

curl --silent -o - "http://YOURLS_URL_HERE/yourls-api.php?signature=$id&action=shorturl&format=simply&url=%clipboard" |
awk -F# '{gsub(/ /,"");print ($1) }'

Then add your label and abbreviation. You are all set.

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Party like it’s 1992 on the iPad or iPhone with iDOS 2

Macs tc3MS-DOS fans can rejoice as the skilled developer @litchiedev has updated the magnificently powerful app iDOS 2 in the iOS AppStore. iDOS 2 is built on a DOSBOX foundation and thanks to some recent rule changes by Apple, the missing Document Browser has been added back so users can now add their favorite MS-DOS games and apps to the iDOS 2 documents folder. iDOS 2 also has support for an external bluetooth keyboard, mouse and game controller now. So one only needs to copy the install files to the iPad and then install from within iDOS 2. Version 2.1, in the AppStore now, works perfectly in iPadOS 14. Here I have installed Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 and have written the ubiquitous “Hello World” program in C++. As you can see, it compiles just like it would on any PC from the 90s. You can then drop into a DOS shell and run it.


Here are some pics of the bluetooth mouse support for Interplay’s Castles from 1991. You can see the little red mouse pointer in the second pic.



If you are fan of 80s and 90s retrocomputing or retrogaming, I highly recommend iDOS 2. Every app and game I have tested works beautifully and with the new document browser and bluetooth mouse support it has never been easier to take your DOS games on the go with you. Download it from the iOS AppStore and get your retro on today!

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Faster sharing from Firefox to Omnifocus in MacOS

If using the share sheet slows you down, add this bookmarklet to Firefox. The bookmarklet will save the title as the action name and the url as a note. Omnifocus sets a due date of tomorrow to remind you to take it out of your inbox and process it and it autosaves to eliminate any need to interact with Omnifocus. Hit it and keep on going. The bookmark can be edited to share to specific projects and change the due date.


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