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Use the power of your Terminal in 2021. Here is a list of our favorite resources.

If you have wondered what you can do with your terminal, the answer is “almost everything”. Here is a list of our favorite resouces for getting the most out of the command line.

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Yes, MarsEdit has a URL Scheme.

MarsEditMarsEdit has always been my favorite tool for maintaining blogs. After some time off, I started using it again but a feature I really like in all my apps seemed to be missing. I searched but I could not find anything written on the use of a URL Scheme with MarsEdit. I did find a nice Drafts action built with AppleScript, but no URL Scheme. I wrote to the awsome developer of MarsEdit, and he clarified that though it’s not really documented anywhere, there is a URL Scheme. Here it is:


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TextExpander snippet for youtube-dl to download the audio from a video and save as mp3

For those times when you don’t need the video and just want to listen to the audio later, add this snippet to your toolbox. To use, copy the URL to your clipboard, then expand the snippet in your command line. Prerequisites: Homebrew, youtube-dl, and ffmpeg.

youtube-dl -f bestaudio [clipboard] --exec "ffmpeg -i {} -codec:a libmp3lame -qscale:a 0 {}.mp3 && rm {} "

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Shortening a URL with with TextExpander and YOURLS

If you would like to shorten a URL by having TextExpander on macOS grab the URL from your clipboard and replace it with your personal YOURLS shortener using a TE snippet, here you go:

Copy your signature token from the Admin Tools page in your install of YOURLS.

In TextExpander create a shell script snippet by clicking on the Content drop down menu at the top where it says Plain Text, and choose Shell Script.

Add the following script for the body of the snippet, replacing the necessary parts with your own information of course.

curl --silent -o - "http://YOURLS_URL_HERE/yourls-api.php?signature=$id&action=shorturl&format=simply&url=%clipboard" |
awk -F# '{gsub(/ /,"");print ($1) }'

Then add your label and abbreviation. You are all set.

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Faster sharing from Firefox to Omnifocus in MacOS

If using the share sheet slows you down, add this bookmarklet to Firefox. The bookmarklet will save the title as the action name and the url as a note. Omnifocus sets a due date of tomorrow to remind you to take it out of your inbox and process it and it autosaves to eliminate any need to interact with Omnifocus. Hit it and keep on going. The bookmark can be edited to share to specific projects and change the due date.


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